УВЧ-80-3 "Undaterm" Apparatus UHF-therapy.

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The device is intended for human exposure to electric and therapeutic purposes (or) magnetic field of ultra-high frequency. The device is intended for use in medical institutions therapeutic, neurological, surgical, psychiatric, obstetric and gynecological and pediatric.

 The apparatus 80-3 UHF UHF implemented two methods of therapy: capacitive and inductive

When using the capacitive method of transition of electrical energy into heat it occurs mainly in tissues with low krovooobrascheniya (eg, fat and connective tissue), where the heat is transferred into the muscle tissue. Capacitive electrodes designed with an optimal distance from the skin surface to the electrode.

The high-frequency magnetic field generated by the resonant inductor generates eddy currents, which are transformed into heat in the muscle tissues. The advantage of the inductive method is directed transfer of energy directly to the area of ​​influence, which is directed inductor.


The frequency of high-frequency oscillations MHz 27,120 ± 0,163

Capacity steps 7

The maximum output power of 80 W ± 16

Setting in the automatic response

Digital Timer, 30 min

The system of protection Class I, Type BF

The diameters of the capacitor electrodes 42; 80; 113 mm

Resonant inductor

PitaniyaV Voltage / Hz 220/50

Consumption moschnostVA 700

Weight 25 kg


- Acute inflammatory processes in organs and systems;

 - Injuries of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves;

 - radiculitis;

 - neuralgia;

 - polio;

 - encephalitis;

 - Myelitis in periods of subacute and chronic flow;

 - Raynaud's disease;

 - Occlusive disease;

 - Acute and subacute inflammation of the uterus and appendages.


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