TW8601-it-L Nasal oxygen cannula "MEDIKA" size L for adults 5 m length.

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Product Code: TW8601-it-L

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It is intended to supply oxygen. It is used both in hospital and at home.

- Non Sterile.

- It is made of a transparent non-toxic PVC does not contain phthalates.

- Easily fixed on the patient's face.

- Provides uninterrupted delivery of oxygen.

- Ability to connect the humidifier.


The nasal cannula nasal prongs are made of a special thermoplastic material, a feature of which is the softening under the influence of temperature of surrounding tissues. This avoids the discomfort and unpleasant sensations in the patient. Plastic Controller conveniently and reliably fixes the nasal cannula on the patient's face.


It replaces an oxygen mask. It provides a uniform supply of oxygen. For the prevention and treatment of air with higher oxygen content in the clinical and outpatient settings, first aid. Also, the cannula used in the home, including the continuous oxygen therapy, which is especially useful, since in this case greatly simplifies communication with the patient, feeding, etc.


Compliance with the international standard size connector allow to connect to any source of oxygen. In the role of a source of oxygen used oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinder, oxygen bag, oxygen pipe, etc.

The edges of the nasal prongs nasal cannula carefully crafted to avoid the risk of damage to the nasal mucosa.

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