TW8343 Contactless mask "Medic" for breathing piece with accessories.

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Product Code: TW8343

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Pocket Mask "MEDICA" is intended primarily for professional rescuers and for all those who provide first aid. It provides exceptional security for both the victim and the rescuer. Pocket Mask "MEDICA" combines one-way valve low resistance and a disposable hydrophobic filter to prevent the passage of fluids and secretions. The distance to the patient allows the rescuer to follow the color of the lips, secretions and tour the patient's chest. Additional port facilitates the delivery of supplemental oxygen during ventilation or inhalation for spontaneous breathing of the patient. The need for emergency CPR can occur anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

It is important to know that a pocket mask "MEDICA" can always be where it is needed. In an embodiment, the solid packaging, pouch attached to a belt, two wet wipes, instructions and a mask can always be with you.

Exceptional protection with unidirectional valve and filter

More than 99% of the reliability of the filter from viruses and bacteria

Inflated rim for a snug fit masks

Mask option port facilitates supplying oxygen for oxygen and includes the head fixation mask

Can be used for adult, child and infant

Replacement irreversible valve and filter

Does not contain latex

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