TW8211-1 Breathing bag manual "MEDICA" like "Ambu" reusable, the "Adult" set

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Product Code: TW8211-1

TW8211-1 Breathing bag manual "MEDICA" like "Ambu" reusable, the "Adult" set
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A hand-held ventilator for patients with respiratory distress.


It is based on the forced supply of air to the lungs using a mask by compressing the bag, which itself fills. Tidal volume depends on the degree of compression of the bag, and the frequency of air supply and minute ventilation depends on the intensity of the operator's actions.


• Complete set: anesthetic mask (No. 4) breathing bag, oxygen bag, oxygen tube,

• Reusable AMBU bags are made from: anesthetic mask (silicone), breathing bag (Siilikon), oxygen bag (silicone), oxygen tube (polyvinyl chloride), air ducts (polypropylene) case (polypropylene); Equipped with swivel adapter

• Reusable (autoclavable)

• Operating temperature range: -18 +50 С;

• Storage temperature range: -40 +60 С;

• Gas inlet connector


Patient port Inner diameter: 15mm;

Outer diameter 22mm

Bag connector Inner diameter: 25mm;

Oxygen tank Inner diameter: 25mm;

Oxygen valve Outside diameter: 6mm;


• Patient weight (adults: 50-180kg)

• Respiratory rate: (Adults: 12-15 times per minute

• Respiratory pressure without restriction valve: (Adults:> 1000 cm H2O

• Volume-inhalation ratio: adults: 900ml

• Dead volume of the device: less than 7.0ml for all models;

• Inspiratory volume: adults: 1778ml

• Expiratory resistance for adults, children and infants 2.2 cm H2O at a flow rate of 50 l / min.

• Inspiratory resistance for adults, children and infants 3.3 cm H2O at 50 l / min.

• The volume of pressure at the end of the inspiratory cycle at nominal operation: 3.2 cm H2O at a flow rate of 50 l / min

• Pressure limiting valve: 40cm water column, with manual shutdown function

• Leakage from patient connection valve: adults: 138cm water column

Type Mask Size Adult No. 4,

Tank volume 1800ml

Dead space 168ml

Pressure with open pressure relief valve 60 ± 10cm H2O

Respiratory bag volume 1500 ml

Oxygen bag volume 2500ml

The volume of the outgoing air mixture 800ml 1350ml

The maximum number of compressions per minute 45 BPM

Oxygen tube 2.1 m

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