T-500 with Libra raznovesamy.

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Product Code: T-500

1 681,22 грн

Looking for prednaznachenы vzveshyvanyya sыpuchyh materials, and for Using a laboratory.

The kit include:

1 Forceps

Kettlebell massoy 10 g, pcs. 1

Kettlebell massoy 20g., Pcs. 2

Kettlebell massoy 50 g, pcs. 1

Kettlebell massoy 100 g, pcs. 2

Kettlebell massoy 200 g, pcs. 1

By 5g vzveshyvanyya happening on poderzhkoy vыezdnoy weights, kotoraja Semi nahodytsya below. Price delenyya shkalы Pointer 200 mg.


 Naymenshyy Limit vzveshyvanyya, 100 mg

 Naybolshyy Limit vzveshyvanyya, 510 g

Limit dopuskaemoy pohreshnosty at NVP, ± 150 mg

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