SDRN-2B-2-000 Stopwatch Mechanical 2-Button.

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Product Code: СОСпр-2Б-2-000

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Mechanical stopwatch Agate has an excellent range of operating temperatures and chrome housing made of durable metal. Cekundomer meets all the requirements for measuring instruments, in addition, you are sure to enjoy the compact size of the device and its user-friendly weight. Cekundomer Agate for measuring time in minutes, seconds and fractions of a second, is used at sports competitions, as well as in research and timing. The duration of one complete winding of from not less than 18 hours. Permissible pograshnost position crown up or tseferblatom up when measuring the time interval of 60 minutes at the temperature (20 ± 5) ° C - within ± 1,8 with ;. To control the arrows stopwatch mechanism is provided with a special device summing action.

Start / stop is done by pressing the arrow on the crown, return to zero - by pressing the button.


Caliber mechanism,                        42 mm

Scale Capacity:

with a second.                                  0.2

min, min.                                         1

Accuracy class                                2

Dimensions mm., No more than     55 x 76 x19

Mass stopwatch kg., No more than  0.15

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