SIP 8355 "MEDIKA" Sipap mask PVC No. 5

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Product Code: СИП 8355

SIP 8355 "MEDIKA" Sipap mask PVC No. 5
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High quality durable sleep apnea cipap mask with head strap.

Respiratory mask "MEDICA" for CPAP-apparatus is used in the treatment of nocturnal respiratory arrest - sleep apnea of ​​obstructive, central or mixed types, as well as other respiratory disorders. Connected to a CPAP device, it allows the air mixture to reach the person's respiratory tract. Receiving oxygen through the mask, the patient breathes throughout the sleep and gets rid of the symptoms of the disease.

During CPAP therapy, it is the mask that contacts the patient's face, therefore, the comfort of the person during sleep and the effectiveness of eliminating episodes of apnea depend on its choice.

Mask benefits:

- Lightweight and incredibly comfortable.

- Doesn't cause irritation.

- Suitable for use in non-invasive ventilators, CPAP devices, BIPAP devices.

Strap advantages:

- The headgear belt is a high quality, comfortable, comfortable device designed to work with a PVC mask

- Soft and comfortable, creating a smoother inner surface.

- Use the softest elastic fibers.

- Breathable, sweat absorbent, durable.

-Long service life, does not delaminate.

- Can be washed repeatedly without rubbing, without curling, without crumbling or other damage.

- The headgear strap is designed from high quality durable, lightweight, breathable soft neoprene material with straps. High quality, skin-friendly, no irritation, the CPAP head strap will safely stay in place for a very comfortable sleep.

- The better the seal, the evenly distributed stress greatly improves the stability of the mask.

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