Pulse oximeter "MEDIKA" JAX-207

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Pulse oximeter "MEDIKA" JAX-207
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Pulse oximeter "MEDIKA" JAX-207 is intended for non-invasive selective measurement of the function of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2). This pulse oximeter is used for both adults and children (over 8 years old) in clinical and home settings.

"MEDIKA" JAX-207  is a very convenient, lightweight and compact device, its weight together with batteries is no more than 50 grams, and it also does not require special training when using it. It turns on by pressing one button and is able to automatically turn off when you remove your finger after 8 seconds. Adjusting the brightness of the color display will help conserve battery power, to adjust the brightness, you need to hold down the button for a few seconds and select an acceptable brightness level.


Display of oxygen saturation SpO2, wavelength and pulse rate on the LCD screen;

Lightweight and easy to use;

There are 6 modes of displaying information on the screen;

Reduced power consumption (2 AAA batteries can continuously work for 30 hours);

Sound indication.


Operating time 30 hours (on one set of batteries)

3B power supply, 2 AAA cells

SpO2 display range 0% - 99%

SpO2 measurement range 70% - 99% (± 2%)

Heart rate display 30 - 235 bpm

Heart rate measurement range 30 - 235 (± 2 beats / min)

Display shows SpO2, pulse rate in waveform or bar graph

Operation 5 ° C - 40 ° C, humidity up to 80%

Contents of delivery

Pulse oximeter 1 pc.

Hanging cord 1 pc.

Battery, type AAA 2 pcs.

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