Bedsore Prevention Mattress J006

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Product Code: J006

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Size mattress (см): 187 x 80 x 10 
Patient weight up to 135 kg 
Weight filled mattress 4.0 kg. 
Weight compressor 1.75 kg. 
The wall thickness of 0.35 mm (350 microns). 
Weight Package 6.5 kg. 
Package Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 380 x 225 x 350 
Continuous operation
Anti-bedsore mattresses section design with laser perforation for blowing the patient's body and the constant pressure of the air in the sections. 
This mattress is recommended bedridden patients with spinal cord injuries and back, in contrast to the mattresses, changing the pressure in the sections or cells. 
Air compressor maintains a constant pressure in the chambers of the mattress, thereby reducing pressure on the surface of the body lying patient. Not visible to the eye through the pin holes on cylinders mattress constantly passes the air to provide cooling and easy drying of the skin, creating an optimal climate for the patient and preventing diaper rash appear, normalizing blood circulation that prevents bedsores. 
Provides individual adjustment of the pressure level according to the weight of the patient. The design of the mattress and the material allows for easy cleaning and comfortable sleep. Construction of the mattress is designed for the patient's weight up to 135 kg. The system is designed for continuous operation. 
The mattress is made of non-toxic, non-allergenic PVC and has high strength.

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