Bedsore Prevention Mattress J009-A

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Product Code: J009-A

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Size mattress (cm): 190 x 93 x 12 
Number of main section 21 
Number of spare sections 2 
Patient weight up to 135 kg 
weight of the empty mattress 6 kg. 
The compressor weight 1.75 kg. 
The wall thickness of 0.35 mm (350 microns). 
The full Weight of 9.5 kg. 
Package Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 500х230х315 
Cycle time 12 minutes 
This model is intended for preventing and treating bedsores on a stage I-IV 
It is recommended that every patient with a diagnosis, which provides a constant bed rest, with the first day of use Antiacarian mattress, and not to wait for the appearance of bedsores. 
It should be remembered that anti-bedsore mattresses placed on the patient, do not forget it periodically rotate, lift, sit down. Using anti-bedsore mattresses, you remove the problem of pressure ulcers, but do not forget about the internal organs that even when using anti-decubitus mattress will be in the same position. 
The mattress is made of non-toxic, non-allergenic PVC and has high strength. Consists of 21 sections, and a compressor that pumps and deflates. Automatic compressor alternately fills the air section by changing the pressure in them every 6 minutes, which provides "the effect of massage." When the patient is at the anti-bedsore mattresses, the surface beneath it changes its structure, section deflate and inflate. Where section anti-bedsore mattresses blown away - formed airspace, ie the human body is, as it were in limbo, there is no contact with the surface, it is in these areas and there is Antiacarian effect due to the inflow to the duty of blood and oxygen saturation of the skin. Provides individual adjustment of the pressure level according to the weight of the patient. The design of the mattress and the material allows for easy cleaning and comfortable sleep. Construction of the mattress is designed for the patient's weight up to 135 kg. The system is designed for continuous operation. 
The mattress consists of interchangeable sections. In case of damage, the components of the mattress can be replaced.

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