ОБПе-450М "МЕДИКА" irradiator bactericidal mobile shestilampovy.

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Product Code: ОБПе-450М

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The bactericidal irradiator is intended for fast disinfection of air and surfaces in areas where it is difficult or inefficient use of wall or ceiling type irradiators. Due to the design and ease of handling, it is recommended to alternate disinfection several rooms, or for use in large rooms without the presence of people.

Application of the device - medical and child care centers (clinics, hospital, health centers, etc.), As well as, where appropriate, industrial, administrative, public and residential buildings.

The irradiator design features a simple and attractive design. The ability to easily move in the room thanks to 4 wheels at the bottom.


Irradiated at a distance of 1 meter, W / m2, not less than 1.5

Number of lamps 6

Radiation source: germicidal lamp SB-30, 30-Truv or TUV-30 rated power of lamps, W 30

the average duration of burning hours 8000

Rated voltage, V 220

Frequency Hz 50

Recommended room volume (m³) 120

Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 113h30h30

Weight, kg, not more than 7.5

Warning! The feed may not be used in the presence of people. During its operation it is necessary to strictly adhere to the rules established by the manufacturer.

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