Medical airway: a necessary tool in modern medicine - Medica

Medical airway: a necessary tool in modern medicine - Medica

Medical airway: a necessary tool in modern medicine

An airway for medicine is a tool that supports free air permeability when the patient is under anesthesia or after it, and also if the person is in a state of shock. This device is similar to a flat, curved tube of different sizes. Outside the tool, a special flange with semicircular edges, in order to avoid damage to the throat and getting the instrument inside. By anatomical form, the instrument prevents the tongue from falling. Inside through the mouth, the airway is inserted with a spatula. Disinfect the instrument by immersing it in a liquid with peroxide 6% with a temperature of 18 degrees for 6 hours, or for 3 hours if the temperature is 50 degrees.

Tool Usage

Use the instrument at a coma, when any reflexes are lost. Choose a product for age and enter the curved part. When the instrument has reached the posterior walls of the larynx, the product is turned 180 degrees to create air permeability. Sometimes, complications can arise: the tool can shift and cause asphyxia, spasms, vomiting. Intubation without medicines is done with primary resuscitation, and in the rest the patient is injected with atropine sulfate into the vein. Muscle relaxation can be achieved by injections with hyperventilation.

In the ambulance for children, the use of muscle relaxants is excluded. The trachea is intubated when the oral cavity and throat are cleaned. If necessary, also hyperventilation with oxygen for 2 minutes using a special bag.

How to choose a duct

The air duct must be chosen according to the parameters: the length from the corner of the lips to the earlobe is quite suitable for the size of the instrument. Also remember the following:

  1. - Insert the instrument into the throat with a curved part;
  2. - When the duct reaches the desired area, it must be rotated 180 degrees. So you press the tongue and allow the patient to breathe freely, ventilating his lungs.

Nasopharyngeal models

This type of duct differs from the oral one in that it exerts a lesser load on the respiratory tract, practically without irritating them. Thus, the instrument can be used for patients in consciousness. Before use, it is necessary to anesthetize and lubricate the nasal passage. The nasal tool is useful after the entubation, since after the patient has a violent cough. Such models change every day.

Medical airway in Kiev

Quality air ducts ensure free air movement and protect against occlusion. They are labeled under different colors to determine the size, and are also popular in all health facilities for people of all ages. Only such ducts are needed for complicated intubation.

Each model is made of a PVC film, the edges are rounded and the tool is individually packaged. Medica can guarantee you the quality of the goods and affordable price. On the site you will find a wide selection of medical ducts from reliable manufacturers. The products are delivered throughout Ukraine.