ЛГН-500 Laboratory heating slot.

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Product Code: ЛГН-500

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Nest is designed for use in laboratories, scientific - research institutes, hospitals, secondary and higher education institutions. It is intended for heating the liquid in the flask, in chemical research in laboratoriyah.Gnezdo consists of a housing, a heating element, a tripod, a temperature sensor, a control unit. Heating is provided by a single electric heater.

Dimensions: diameter of the bottom,                                        20 cm

                 top diameter,                                                             16.5 cm

                 Hole diameter,                                                           10.5 cm

                 the depth of the nest, see                                            6

Power, Wat                                                                                  250

Displacement inserted flask                                                         500 ml

The range is automatically supported by the temperature ° C     0-350

AC power with a frequency of                                                     50 Hz

Voltage,                                                                                       220 + - 10%


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