HA-123 Set for maternity animals 1х23

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Product Code: HA-123

11 756,25 грн

Set fits into a metal suitcase. The tool is made of carbon steel.

Kit components:

1. Hock  obstetric                                        1pc.

2. The pusher to hock  obstetric                  1pc.

3. Hook in hock  acute obstetric                 1pc.

4. Hook up the blunt hock obstetric            1pc.

5. Hook obstetric double                             1pc.

6.'s Shoulder metal loop to obstetric           1pc.

7. Loop obstetric                                          2 pcs.

8. Hook blunt obstetric                                2 pcs.

9. The knife hidden direct obstetric            1pc.

10. Knife obstetric hidden curved               1pc.

11. Fetotom double-barreled folding          1pc.

12. Extension to fetotomu                           2 pcs.

13. Explorer to fetotomu sofa                     1pc.

14. Stick to the saw wire                             2 pcs.

15. Saw wire                                               1pc.

16. Obstetric Glove  right                           1pc.

17. Suitcase - stacking metal                      1 pc.

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