ГП-20 Dry-air cabinet.

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Product Code: ГП-20

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The box is intended to obtain and maintain the temperature inside the processing chamber in the range from 50 to 250 0 C, dry air necessary for the sterilization and drying of surgical instrument or laboratory glassware. The cabinet has a light and sound indication of the workflow, and digital temperature display. The box and the wall of the chamber is made of mirror stainless steel sheet. On the side wall of the cabinet are located fuses, and power cord.


The cabinet is powered by a single-phase network

alternating current:

voltage, V                                                                   220 ± 10%

Frequency Hz                                                             50

The power consumed by cabinet,

B * A is not more than                                               500

Overall dimensions of the cabinet, mm

width                                                                          620

Depth                                                                         480

Height                                                                        490

Chamber dimensions, mm

width                                                                          280

Depth                                                                          280

Height                                                                         280

Operation mode setup time, min, not more than        30

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