УВЧ- 30 Apparatus UHF therapy.

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Apparatus for UHF-therapy designed for local therapeutic effects of electric or magnetic field of ultrahigh frequency. Impact UHF electric field has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and desensitizing properties, stimulates immune responses, improves trophic tissues and their regeneration. UHF-therapy devices are used in medical institutions therapeutic, neurological, surgical, psychiatric, obstetric and gynecological and pediatric.

The device can be used in acute inflammatory processes in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, especially of purulent inflammatory and traumatic diseases of the joints, muscles, bones, osteomyelitis, keratitis, blepharitis, sinus, periodontitis, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis, polio, asthma, broncho-ektaticheskih diseases, abscess lungs, chronic pneumonia and its exacerbations, acute tonsillitis, sinusitis, adnexitis, etc., as well as for the treatment of the effects of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, injuries, nervous system, peripheral vascular disease, vascular diseases of extremities, venous ulcers.

 Technical characteristics of the UHF-30:

The frequency of the RF oscillation MHz                                27.120 ± 0.163

Output                                                                                      * 1 stage 30 +9

                                                                                                 * 2 steps 15+ 4.5

The frequency of the AC,                                                           50 Hz ± 5

Rated voltage, V                                                                         220 ± 10

Time at maximum power                                                             6 hours

Class of protection against electric shock                                     1

The power consumed by the network, VA, not more than           160

Overall dimensions                                                                       406h318h315

Weight of the device, kg, not more than                                      15


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