TX-14 Trihineloskop.

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Trihinelloskop designed to control infection trichinosis slaughter products of domestic and wild animals of the compression trichinelloscope. Trichinelloscope can be used in laboratories vetsanekspertizy and hunting farms and private producers of meat products instrument can detect parasites in fish muscle, partenid flukes in freshwater shellfish helminthological when evaluating pastures, as well as used as a regular microscope. Observations are made in transmitted light, when on the bottom illuminator and reflected light, when on the upper fixture. It is possible to observe and at the same time included both illuminators.

Specifications :

Magnification 10 and 40

The diameter of the field of view at 10x magnification, 33 mm

The diameter of the field of view at 40-fold magnification, 5.1 mm

Working distance, mm 108

The distance between the eyepieces is changed from 55 mm to 75

The angle of binocular tube, ° Ci 45

Regulation of the right eye diopter from -5 to +5

The circle of rotation of binocular tube, ° C 360

Power supply, 220 W

Power supply Hz. 50

Fluorescent lower illuminator power 5 Watts

Halogen top illuminator, power 15 Watt

Diameter frosted glass coasters, 95 mm

The diameter of the blue filter, 40 mm

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20 879,10 грн