TW002010101 Extrication collar "MEDICA".

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Fixation and stabilization of the cervical spine, rigid support of the head, unloading of the vertebral bodies, ligamentous apparatus and muscles, regulation of lordosis, light traction of the cervical spine in uncomplicated fractures of the cervical vertebrae (without neurological manifestations), various types and genesis of the cervical muscle atrophy. Indications:

uncomplicated fractures of the vertebral bodies, distortion of the spine

treatment of vertebral subluxations and dislocations after reduction and traction

damage to the muscles and ligaments of the cervical spine

immobilization after injuries and operations of the cervical spine

torticollis mild: as an adjuvant

low back pain, spondylosis, spondylarthritis during exacerbations and to prevent complications

osteochondropathy, infectious (including specific), metaplastic and other moderately expressed destructive lesions of the spine

neurological pain of various etiologies

malnutrition, hypotension neck muscles.


Local skin diseases, severe cervical spine instability with the threat of damage to the spinal cord.


Worn directly on the body, you can use cotton pads on the edge of the lock.

Additional Information:

Easy to handle, easy or cleaned, durable and wear-resistant. The degree of loading and restraints can be dosed.

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