TW 8344 Oxygen mask "MEDIKA" with oxygen tube for adult

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Product Code: TW 8344

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Mask intended to supply a fixed concentration of oxygen on the oxygen inlet line. The ability to use not only in the hospital, but at home. Applicable during inhalation therapy.

- Non sterile.

- Made of transparent, non-toxic PVC, does not contain phthalates.


Description properties.


- Mask thermoplastic material softens at body temperature and does not cause discomfort in the patient.

- The holes on the sides of the mask provide ventilation (the system works on the principle of an open circuit).

- Easy fixed on the face of the patient using a flexible and elastic nose clip strip.

- The edges of the mask smooth rounded shapes.

- The transparency of the material allows to monitor the patient's condition.

- Provides the delivery of oxygen to the inspiratory concentration to 60% at a flux of 6-10 l / min.

- The length of the tube for connection to an oxygen line - 2m.

- The size of the tube connector complies with international standards and allows you to connect to any oxygen highways

- Ability to connect the nebulizer, humidifier.

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