Bedsore Prevention Mattress J005

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Product Code: J005

470,25 грн

External diameter 39 cm., Inner diameter 13 cm., Height 13 cm. 
Patient weight up to 100 kg. 
Net weight 250 g 
Weight in pack 500 g 
Size in mm pack 200х50х270
Anti-bedsore mattresses (circle) is made of non-toxic, non-allergenic PVC strength. 
It is used for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers is usually in the region of the sacrum, the crotch and buttocks after operations on the rectum, coccyx injury, to reduce the burden on the crotch of hemorrhoids, episiotomy. 
Application of a circle for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores in other areas also has a good positive effect. 
Lay circle under the area of the body of the patient, which are subject to constant pressure leads to an improvement of tissue trophies and the general state of the organism.

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