Bedsore Prevention Mattress J007-4

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Weight unfilled water kit 2.5 kg. 
Weight of one water-filled cushion 28 kg. 
The total weight of a water-filled mattress 84 kg. 
Sizes filled with water or air cushion, cm (L x W x H) 60 x 70 x 6 
Size filled with water or air mattress, cm (L x W x H) 195 x 90 x 6 
The wall thickness of 0.45 mm (450 microns). 
The mattress is designed to prevent bedsores. 
It is recommended that every patient with a diagnosis, which provides a constant bed rest, with the first day of use Antiacarian mattress, without waiting for pressure sores. 
The mattress is made of non-toxic, non-allergenic PVC and has high strength. Included is a foot pump for air and accessories for self-repair. 
The mattress consists of three pillows. The pillows can be filled with water or air. Water or air evenly distributes the weight of the human body on the mattress surface, preventing the formation of bedsores. 
Water allows better than air to distribute the weight of the human body over the entire surface of the mattress. And fluctuations of the water inside the mattress, arising from the movements of the patient, creating the effect of massage, increasing blood circulation.


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