OUFb 04 "Sunshine". The irradiator of ultraviolet germicidal.

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Product Code: ОУФб-04

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The irradiator is used for local irradiation for local, local, and intracavitary irradiation in the effective spectral range 180-275 nm radiation (UV-C band) in inflammatory diseases in otolaryngology, surgery, sterilization of indoor air treatment and household items, and medical supplies medical, therapeutic and prophylactic, sanatorium establishments and at home

• Radiation in the effective spectral range corresponds to the table.

Table - irradiation OUFb 04 "Sunshine"

Type of exposure Nominal value, W / m2

With a total irradiation at a distance of 0.7m from the irradiated surface is not more than 1.4

At local irradiation on the cut tube Ø5mm not less than 10.8

At local irradiation on the cut tube Ø15mm not less than 11.0

-Power From the mains power is no more than 30 watts.

-Time Operating mode setting product is less than 1 minute after UV tanning lamp irradiator.

-Product Provides work for 8 hours a day in a cyclic mode - 30 minutes of work - 15 minutes break.

-Gabaritnye OUFb feed size less than 04 mm 260h140h130;

The mass of a set of not more than 1 kg

-Voltage Supply (220 ± 22), (50 ± 0.5) Hz.


-Ochki Open O37 protective UV-Titan Universal;

-Nozzle With the outlet Ø5 mm;

-Nozzle Outlet Ø15 mm;

-Nozzle With an outlet angle of 60 °;



-User Application;

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