ОПН-8 laboratory centrifuge rotor RU-180

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ARF-8 is designed for separation of heterogeneous liquid systems density 2 g / cm3 under the influence of centrifugal forces. Device ARF-8 (epos) - regular portable centrifuge, batch with a rotor speed of 8000 rev / min. Centrifuge ARF-8 used in various clinics, laboratories for diagnosis and research in medicine, biology, chemistry, and other fields. Centrifuge ARF-8 provides speed control of the rotor stepwise in the range from 1000 to 8000 rev / min, after 1000 revolutions / min with 60-minute timing mechanism.


Power centrifuge from AC:

Voltage - 220

Frequency - 50.60 Hz

Power consumption - no more than 350 W


Depth - 285 mm

Width - 305 mm

Height - 370 mm

Weight of centrifuge - no more than 15 kg

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