ОБН-35М irradiator wall and potolochnnyybakteritsidnyny.

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Product Code: ОБН-35М

228,00 грн

The irradiator indispensable for dental surgeries, bandages and other small rooms, also designed for the disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms with ultraviolet germicidal radiation.

Application area

- Treatment and child care facilities (clinics, hospital, health centers and others.);

- Industrial premises;

- Administrative offices;

- Public spaces;

- Warehouses and others.

- Covered with enamel powder (increases corrosion resistance)

- The irradiator set a low pressure germicidal lamps that emit ultraviolet light, which is close to the maximum bactericidal action of radiant energy. Post feeds must be not less than 2 m from the ground, the use of unshielded lamp in the presence of people is strictly forbidden.       

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