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 ОБН -150 irradiator wall and potolochnnyybakteritsidnyny.

503,56 грн

 ОБН- 150М  Bactericidal with ekranom.

804,54 грн

OUFb 04 "Sunshine". The irradiator of ultraviolet germicidal.

2 794,12 грн

OБН 1x8 Table lamp

402,27 грн

SBPe 3x30 irradiator bactericidal mobile trёhlampovy.

3 051,20 грн

SBPe 6x30 (ОБПе-450) irradiator bactericidal mobile shestilampovy.

3 051,20 грн

ОБН 1х15 Table lamp

409,72 грн

ОБН- 75 M Bactericidal with ekranom

540,08 грн

ОБН-35 irradiator wall and potolochnnyybakteritsidnyny.

223,45 грн

ОБН-75 irradiator wall and potolochnnyy bakteritsidnyny.

446,95 грн

СБН 2x30 irradiator bactericidal mobile.

2 458,40 грн

СБПM 2x30 irradiator bactericidal mobile.

3 799,38 грн

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TX-14 Trihineloskop.
TX-14 Trihineloskop.

17 945,38 грн

Ц-80-2A Laboratory centrifuges.
ВБ-8 К Bath water  double.
ВБ-8 К Bath water double.

7 659,38 грн

Scales for weighing of people RGZ-160