Bone forceps, cutters, holder for bone

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Д-61 Medical holder for rib grasping and holding, strong .

1 848,74 грн

Щ-102 Sequester forceps bent No. 2 VAN BUREN.

812,32 грн

Щ-105 Bone holding forceps for tube bones .

1 848,74 грн

Щ-106 Bone cutters liston’s LISTON.

2 044,82 грн

Щ-109 Cutting forceps with semi-circular jaws, strong.

8 291,32 грн

Щ-113 Forceps-nippers, osteal, hinged, double-acting, narrow oval jaws, curved on flat LANSEN.

1 540,62 грн

Щ-134 Forceps for bending back the edges of plaster carts WOLFF.

2 801,12 грн

Щ-147 Bone rongeurs according to Egoroff - Freidin, size 3, JEGOROFF-FREIDIN.

4 901,96 грн

Щ-148 Bone rongeurs according to Egoroff - Freidin, size 2, JEGOROFF-FREIDIN.

4 901,96 грн

Щ-149 Bone rongeurs according to Egoroff - Freidin, size 1, JEGOROFF-FREIDIN.

4 901,96 грн

Щ-31 Dahlgren*s forceps for adults DAHLGREN.

1 092,44 грн

Щ-31Т Bone Fragment Forceps.

504,20 грн

Щ-45 Bayonete shaped bone rongeurs with narrow oval jaws JANSEN.

812,32 грн

Щ-59 Bone rongeurs with round jaws straight NAKANSSON.

1 316,53 грн

Щ-60 Bone cutters for vertebral  surgery, Liston’s , with elongated handles LISTON.

5 182,07 грн

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TX-14 Trihineloskop.
TX-14 Trihineloskop.

17 945,38 грн

Ц-80-2A Laboratory centrifuges.
ВБ-8 К Bath water  double.
ВБ-8 К Bath water double.

7 659,38 грн

Scales for weighing of people RGZ-160

Stainless steel. Are used in surgery