K-14 Compressors for trichinelloscope 28 samples.



Product Code: K-14

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Compressor for trichinelloscope intended for use in research for trichinosis. The samples (slices) of animal meat or fish are exposed to flattening. In the process of flattening sections removed excess fluid. Compressor for trichinelloscope consists of two glass plates and the wing screws, which connect the plates to each other and press them tightly together. The cut of meat is placed on one of the glass sinkers. The second plate by a screw pressed tightly as possible. Flattening, the test meat is viewed under a microscope. The presence of Trichinella and their larvae (Finn) is determined by examining a projection device.

Dimensions 230h50h12 mm cell 12h20 mm, the plate thickness of 6 mm.

Paul painted in the middle of the glass, and ustoychevye to steranes

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