J008 C Cervical Retractor.

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Product Code: J008 C

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Retractor good quality based material com positive polymer quickly inflated and swell, good fixation. The outer surface is soft and elastic, easily disassembled and washed. Indications:

Degenerative degenerative diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, protrusion (the original form of hernia (protrusion) and vertebral disc herniation between, spondylosis, etc.):

Cervical spondylosis,

Radikulitnye cervical syndrome, sciatica,

Violation of posture (scoliosis)

Rehabilitation after injury, postoperative states in the cervical spine rehabilitation after surgical treatment of herniated discs

Traumatic injuries of the cervical (compression body of confusion)

Veheto- dystonia,

Occipital headache, headaches,

Pain in the cervical and back of various kinds,

Chronic fatigue syndrome,

Vertebral artery syndrome,

Rear sympathetic syndrome, dysplasia,

Static and dynamic overload

Myositis neck muscles,

Excess fat in the chin area.


Acute inflammatory disease of the spinal cord and its membranes,

infection in the spine (arachnoiditis, tuberculous spondylitis, osteomyelitis);

Availability electrostimulator in the body ..

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