J008 A Cervical Retractor.

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Product Code: J008 A

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Retractor good quality based material com positive polymer quickly inflated and swell, good fixation. The outer surface is soft and elastic, easily disassembled and washed. Gravity: 1 - 60kg. suitable for use by people of different physique. Small size, weight 600g, you can carry. Time traction - at will. It is absolutely bespechno and effectively. Limit extraction: 4-14 cm (distance extract vertical). During extraction can take any position: sit, lie down, walk.


This unit is used to treat different types of osteoarthritis. In the cervical spine injuries (concussion), spondylolysteza, degenerative changes between vertebral increases bone vertebrae (osteofita), degenerative changes between vertebral cartilage neck, age-related changes of the spine, spinal canal compression associated with muscle tension in the neck, numbness hand, high cross paralysis hemyplehyy, part paralysis early stage scoliosis. Pain and discomfort.

Also applicable: to treat headaches, fainting, insomnia, dizziness, weakening hearing and vision, high blood pressure caused by insufficient blood circulation in the main artery to restore and cervical after sports training and injury. It can be used in operations on the cervical spine as a locking device that replaces the plaster.

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1 603,13 грн