Iskra-1. Apparatus for local darsonvalization.

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The device is intended to treat certain diseases of the nervous, cardio - vascular, muscular, dental system and skin. Apply the unit to the neurological, otorinolaringolo- cal, surgical, dermatological, dental and gynecological practice. The device is a pulse-modulated high-frequency generator, the output of which is included resonator (step-up transformer), the supply high-voltage vacuum glass electrodes of different shapes to ensure the application of the local darsonvalization. Darsonvalization local acting factors are: electromagnetic pulse fluctuations, high voltage sparks, to some extent, ozone and nitrogen oxides.

With local darsonvalization change the physico-chemical processes in tissues, improves the activity of the central nervous system, trophic tissues, metabolism, blood circulation, increases the phagocytic activity of leukocytes. Local darsonvalization used for neuralgia, neuritis of the auditory nerve, myalgia, headache, skin itching, vaginismus, during the initial stages of occlusive vascular disease, varicose veins of the lower leg, hemorrhoids, non-healing wounds and ulcers, frostbite, 1st and 2nd degree as cosmetic means, getting rid of acne, rejuvenation of aging skin.

The complete apparatus includes: a working set of electrodes (pectinate, mushroom, small and large, pectinate, gingival, rectal, small and large, vaginal), the cavity with the wire, insert the fuse -2 pieces passport.


1. Powered by AC mains: voltage, frequency 220 Hz, 50

2. The power consumption of the network, not more than 80 V • A

3. The frequency of high-frequency oscillations 110 kHz ± 8,25

4. The duration of 100 ms pulses modulating

5. The pulse repetition rate, 50 Hz

6. The number of working electrodes 8 pieces

7. The maximum length of a spark from the electrodes, 25 mm

8. Overall dimensions 380h300h160

9. Weight, kg 7

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