HX-19 Set of surgical instruments 1х9

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Product Code: HX-19

1 335,80 грн

Set fits into a folder case made from leatherette. The tool is made of carbon steel.

Composition set:

1. Scissors 14 cm blunt curved     1pc.

2. Scissors 14cm pointed straight  1pc.

3. dissecting needle straight           1pc.

4. The needle is bent dissecting      1pc.

5. Anatomical Tweezers 16 cm      1pc.

6. Tissue forceps 16 cm                   1 pc.

7. Scalpel                                         1pc.

8. Scalpel pointed                            1pc.

9. Hooks veterinary chain (3 pcs.)  1 set.

10. Case-laying leatherette               1 pc..

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