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The lamp is designed to operate as a generator in electronic devices widely used, radio-amplifying equipment, medical equipment, devices UHF 66 UHF-70 and others.

Mode lamp F-811 for linear amplification SSB signals.

Class amplification "B"

anode voltage:                                                        1250 V.

Voltage control grid:                                              0 V.

Current anode rest: mA.                                         27

the anode current (maximum signal) mA.             150

The amplitude of the excitation voltage:               85 V.

Excitation power: Watts.                                        2

Load Resistance: Ohm.                                          5000

Net Power: Watts.                                                 125


Gain Class "B" common grid

anode voltage:                                                        1500 V.

Voltage control grid:                                              0 V.

Current anode rest: mA.                                         thirty

the anode current (maximum signal) mA.             150

The amplitude of the excitation voltage:               85 V.

Excitation power: Watts.                                       15

Load Resistance: Ohm.                                         6200

Net Power: Watts.                                                 160


Input impedance of four lamps G-811 in parallel with a common grid is 75 ohms.


Operating frequency, MHz:                                 60

the anode voltage V                                             1250

Heater voltage, V:                                               6.6

grid voltage, V:                                                    0

Power anode, W:                                                 40

Resistance, Ohm:                                                 2

The current anode, mA:                                      125

filament current, A:                                             3,75-4,25

The current grid mA:                                           50

Bulb type:                                                            G 811

The diameter of the bulb, mm:                            62

Length mm:                                                         167

Manufacturer: Russia

The packing units:                                               36

Operating position:                                              vertical

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