EMC device 30-3, "STIMULUS".



Product Code: ЕМС-30-3

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Electrical apparatus intended for the comprehensive treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, paresis and paralysis of various origins, decreasing the fat layer, as well as during the training of athletes.

Painless and gentle influence gives ample opportunities of use in pediatric practice.


Generating RF pulse in the continuous mode,

Availability control the duration of the rise and decay of the amplitude of parcels

The presence of the lock (output current is not applied in the case of switching the mains supply when not set to zero handle "Current patient")


Dimensions: mm 108h300h315

Total weight: 4 kg

Protection class: II

Duration parcels radio pulses and the repetition period, to:

Mode "2,5-2,5" - sending 2.56; period 5.12

Mode "2.5-5" - sending 2.56; period 7.68

mode "5-10" - sending 5.12; period 15.36

Mode "10-50" - posting 10.24; period 61.44

Included: set of working electrode for physiotherapy various forms of reinforced-carbon cloth, electrode and other accessories.

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