ДРТ-240 mercury lamp discharge tube .

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Product Code: ДРТ-240

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Lampy DPT used as efficient sources of ultraviolet radiation in medicine, agriculture, and measuring technology for fluorescence analysis, in process water disinfection, UV polymerization and drying industry.

• Lamps DPT 240 is designed to work in the plants used in medicine, biology, agriculture and technology.

Lamps included in the AC line frequency of 50 Hz 220 V and 380 V with special control gear.

** - In the spectral range of 240-320 nm;

Lamp type                               DPT 240

Powerful. W                            240

The radiant flux, W                 24.6 **

Voltage,                                   220

Avg. burning, h                       2200

Dimensions in mm: L             180

                           D                  19

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