DRB-mercury-arc lamp 8 bactericidal.

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Product Code: ДРБ-8

124,83 грн

The lamp is designed for installation in the germicidal lamps and household-cleaner elektrovozduho. Hard ultraviolet light has a bactericidal action and ozonated. Oxidative properties of ozone used elektrovozduho-cleaner to clean the air of carbon monoxide. The lamp is a tube of glass bactericidal transmissive ultraviolet radiation with wavelength> 254 im. Ultraviolet radiation is generated by a mercury gas discharge in passing, electric current through the lamp.

Mains voltage                                                   127/220

Lamp power, W                                                8 0.8

The voltage across the lamp,                            55 +6

Lamp Current, A                                               0.17

Bactericidal flow bact                                       -1.4; 1.0; -0.4

Average burning time of not less than             5000 hours

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