DMER-120 dynamometer Medical electronic manual.



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Dynamometer for measuring muscle strength of the human hand and the brush can be used in hospitals, clinics, hospitals, medical offices for equipment in schools, health centers and sports facilities, with professional selection, as well as in practice, physiology, health and sports.

The main application of electronic dynamometer - definition of hand muscle strength.

The principle of operation of the electronic wrist dynamometer DMER-120 is to convert the hand muscle strength in compression siloizmeritelej dynamometer into a frequency signal at the output vibrochastotnyh data units and the subsequent digital processing in the microprocessor device (microcomputer, microcontroller) dynamometer and display the result on the scoreboard liquid-crystal display.

Specifications :

- The highest limit of measurement [NPI] (Dan): 120

- The lowest limit of the measuring [NmPI] (Dan): 2

- The price of testing division and discontinuity report (Dan): 0.5

- Maximum permissible error of NIP (%): 2.5

- Power off time when not in use, no more than (minutes) 1

- Fixing the value of time measurement on the scoreboard (s): 3

- Automatic zeroing: yes

 -Avtonomnoe Battery supply: yes

 -Number Of elements of type AAA 1.5V supply ( "mizinchikovye" batteries): 3

- Consumption device power (W): 0,007

- Dimensions, not more (mm): 160h70h30

- Dimensions of the hand transmitter, approximately (mm): 61h25h98

- Dynamometer Weight (kg): 0,25 ± 0,1

- Average life of not less than (years): 6

- Operating temperature range (° C): +10 to +40

 Note: The Power of 1 daN 1 kg weight is comparable.


Complete electronic delivery carpal dynamometer DMER-120: Hand Dynamometer with LCD display and remote control handle, a strap for carrying on his arm, manual and packing box.


Batteries not included.

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