DE-5 distiller.

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Product Code: ДE-5

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It is intended for the production of distilled water in pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories and other institutions of all sectors of the economy where there is a need in distilled water. Distiller electric stainless steel consists of:

• Stainless steel,

• a boiler of stainless steel,

• capacitor

• electrical installation (panel).

The boiler of stainless steel: made of high quality steel sheet by stamping and good welding. In the process, may be coated with deposits of salts (inlay). Inlay in the boiler can be removed by acid or alkaline solutions.

Condenser: this unit is made of high-quality steel sheet and stainless steel pipe flawless. It has an advanced design with high efficiency. Easily dismantled to remove the inlay.

Technical specifications:

input voltage                              220 V ...

power                                        4.5 kW ...

the amount of distillate, l / h ... 5

dimensions, see ...                     37 × 34 × 79

Gross Weight, kg ...                  8.5

net weight,                                5.5 kg ...


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11 212,76 грн