Ц-80-2A Laboratory centrifuges.

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Centrifuge Ц- 80-2 A centrifuge is a batch operation, usually with a portable speed to 5600 rpm used for separation of heterogeneous liquid systems in the field of centrifugal forces. The centrifuge is intended for use in the practice of clinical laboratory diagnostics and research in the field of medicine in other oblastyah.Tsentrifuga provides centrifugation liquid systems weighing not more than 2 g / cm3.Usloviya centrifuge operation:

        - Ambient temperature from + 10 to + 35 ° C;

       - Higher value of relative humidity of 80% at 25 ° C.


Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz.

Speed ​​0 - 5600 rpm.

The number of tubes in the rotor 12 pcs. 30 ml.

The set rotation time 0 - 30 minutes.

Maximum relative

the centrifugal force of 3600 x g

Dimensions (mm.) 330х280х270

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