Berman Airway

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TW8404 Airway «MEDICA" Berman № 4

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TW8405 Airway «MEDICA» Berman № 5.

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TW8406 Airway «MEDICA" Berman № 6.

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TW8407 Airway «MEDICA» Berman № 7

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TW8408 Airway «MEDICA» Berman № 8.

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TW8409 Airway «MEDICA» Berman № 9.

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TW8410 Airway «MEDICA" Berman № 10.

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TW8411 Airway «MEDICA» Berman № 11.

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TX-14 Trihineloskop.
TX-14 Trihineloskop.

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Ц-80-2A Laboratory centrifuges.
ВБ-8 К Bath water  double.
ВБ-8 К Bath water double.

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Scales for weighing of people RGZ-160

Berman - medical air ducts

An air duct is a curved hollow tube that is used for obstructing air into the lungs. Due to its shape, the tube adjusts to the respiratory tract and keeps the tongue from sinking, so as not to develop asphyxiation. Use the device mainly in the process of operations. Ducts are nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal.
The device Berman is made of semi-rigid material, so as not to damage the lips, teeth and larynx. Oral Berman is needed if a person has lost consciousness or is anesthetized. This helps prevent airway blockage.
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The mouthpiece Berman has a unique design, due to which the catheter is freely inserted, which clears the posterior walls of the throat. There are also small slits on the device, thanks to which the air enters. Such a device irritates the pharyngeal wall and is used when the patient is conscious. The patient gets used to the tube gradually. The airway is used when the tongue sinks and the muscles are relaxed. In this state, hypoxia may occur.
Like any medical device, the air duct has a number of advantages:
- There is no latex, and models come in different sizes;
- Ventilates the respiratory tract, is intended for patients of any age;
- Made of material with low density;
- There is a color marking.
First of all, you need to choose the duct according to the parameters: length is determined by the distance from the ear to the corner of the lips. Then the following actions occur:
- It is necessary to insert the instrument into the larynx with a curved part;
- With the introduction, the tube is rotated 180 degrees, so the tongue is pressed and the patient breathes freely, and the lungs are ventilated.
The device is used when a person is in a coma. The appropriate tube is selected and the passage of air depends on its correct position. Complications may occur if the tube is displaced. Before intubation, if necessary, hyperventilation is carried out for 2 minutes using a mask and a breathing bag.
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High-quality air ducts Berman reliably protect the respiratory tract, have color models, are very popular in all medical institutions and are suitable for children and adults. It is Berman used in severe cases during intubation.
You can distinguish the models by the color corresponding to the size. Dimensions are different: for kids - 40-50-60 millimeters; Older children - 70-80-90; For adults - from 100 millimeters. The cost is usually indicated for the kit. On the website of the Medic can buy any model from reliable manufacturers.