AG-80 Apparatus Voice-forming

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AG-80 Apparatus Voice-forming
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The appart is designed to compensate for the lost functions of the vocal cords and the partial rehabilitation of the voice in people with a distant larynx.

The device consists of an electromagnetic converter A2 of bipolar type; low-frequency generator of rectangular impulses. The device is designed in the form of a portable portable device, which is held in the hand during the conversation, and the vibrating membrane is pressed against the throat. The device is not in working condition in the pocket of clothes.

The package includes:

1. body

2. the membrane ring

3. Fixing ring

4. the power supply cover

5. the core of the pitch frequency controller

6. Enclosure of converter assembly

7. the membrane

8. Screw of housing fixing

9. converter and board 2pcs

Technical data:

1. The range of change in the frequency of the pitch by the regulator of the apparatus,

Hz, not less than ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- 55-110

2. The maximum root-mean-square value of the speed of mechanical vibrations of the apparatus membrane at a frequency of 75 Hz, m.s1, not less than ------ 35-10

3. Current consumption at a frequency of 75 Hz, mA, not more than ------------------------- 150

4. The nominal voltage of the device from the battery of the battery,

     AT------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- 6

5. Weight of the device with the battery of accumulators, g, ----------------------------- 260

6. Weight of the complete set, kg, no more, ------------------------------------- 1, 5

7. Overall dimensions, mm, not more than -------------------------------------- 135х40х40

8. Average service life, years, not less than ---------------------------------------- -5

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