РСН- 4 procedural clock.

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Watches are designed to control the duration of the procedure in medical facilities.

It is a clock with electronic-quartz movement, with the sound signal the end of the procedures for the submission of which in the body clock is built buzzer, activated by touching the end of the minute hand to the special pins inserted into the holes on the dial ring.

They are used in hospitals at holiday physiotherapy, and other procedures that require time control.



Powered by AC

Voltage, V 220

Frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption, not more than 30 mA

Power consumption, not more, VA 5

Number of simultaneously dosed procedures 12

The interval of each feed horn in the range of 1-60 min

Overall dimensions, mm 215h155h65-30

Weight, kg 0.7

The kit consists of hours: 12 numbered pins passport.

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1 890,98 грн