ЛГН-1000 Laboratory heating slot.

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Product Code: ЛГН-1000

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Nest is designed for use in laboratories, scientific - research institutes, hospitals, secondary and higher education institutions. It is intended for heating the liquid in the flask, in chemical research in laboratoriyah.Gnezdo consists of a housing, a heating element, a tripod, a temperature sensor, a control unit. Heating is provided by a single electric heater.

Dimensions: diameter of the bottom,                                        25,5 cm

                 top diameter,                                                             21.5 cm

                 Hole diameter,                                                           14   cm

                 the depth of the nest, see                                            8,5

Power, Wat                                                                                  350

Displacement inserted flask                                                         1000 ml

The range is automatically supported by the temperature ° C     0-350

AC power with a frequency of                                                     50 Hz

Voltage,                                                                                       220 + - 10%

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