Bobrov's apparatus БП-100

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Bobrov's apparatus is designed to supply viscous liquids and suspensions to hard-to-reach places under pressure


Bobrov BP-100 apparatus consists of:


can shockproof polymer with a screw cap BP-100, volume 1l

manual blower ("pear") to create pressure;

6x10 PVC pipe - 0.5 m;

device for single-use irrigoscopy.


To study the condition of the lower intestines, doctors often resort to irrigoscopy. This specific study is aimed at studying the relief of the colon mucosa, identifying neoplasms and ulcers on it. This method is quite informative, has a minimum of contraindications and is performed using equipment called the Bobrov apparatus for irrigoscopy.

A pumping device for irrigoscopy is needed to wash the wound cavity (for example, in otolaryngology), to conduct a bowel examination by introducing a contrast medium into it.

A modern device for irrigoscopy is a polycarbonate tank with a tightly screwed lid. The device creates a pressure of up to 40 kPa, for this a manual supercharger is used.

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