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Medical oxygen concentrator «Medika» Y007-1
SH-8003 Electronic Floor Scales (glass).
TX-14 Trihineloskop.
TX-14 Trihineloskop.

17 946,04 грн

Ц-80-2A Laboratory centrifuges.
ВБ-8 К Bath water  double.
ВБ-8 К Bath water double.

7 660,80 грн

ЛК-360  Round tray 360 mm.
ЛК-340  Round tray 340 mm.
ЛК-260  Round tray 260 mm.
ЛК-240  Round tray 240 mm.
ЛК-220  Round tray 220 mm.
ЛК-220 Round tray 220 mm.

173,60 грн

ЛК-200  Round tray 200 mm.
Bedsore Prevention Mattress J007
СК  Hammer-ax anatomical hook.
СБ-4В Scalpel .
СБ-4В Scalpel .

65,80 грн

ФТК-П Plastic stethoscope.
НД  Hoof Knife-sided.
НД Hoof Knife-sided.

164,36 грн

МС Hand Clipper wool.
МС Hand Clipper wool.

658,00 грн

КН Nose ring for the bulls.
Bedsore Prevention Mattress J007-4
Bedsore Prevention Mattress  J002
Pedal suction H004
Pedal suction H004

1 681,96 грн

Electric suction H003С
Electric suction H003С

2 858,80 грн

Electric suction H002
Electric suction H002

4 820,20 грн

Oxygen bag 30 l
Oxygen bag 30 l

385,28 грн

Scales for weighing of people RGZ-120
Y-002 Oxygen regulator
Y-002 Oxygen regulator

1 520,40 грн

Y-001 Oxygen regulator Y001
Y-001 Oxygen regulator Y001

1 050,00 грн

Internet-shop of medical equipment and medical equipment

Modern scientific research has gone far ahead. The experience of all previous generations has taught us to value our health, and also gave us the opportunity to create increasingly effective and easy-to-use tools and medical devices. Today in any city in Ukraine you can buy reliable medical equipment at an optimal cost. Numerous professional companies around the world offer new developments: from simple devices, finishing with high-tech unique technology.

The task of the Medica store is the supply and sale of a variety of medical equipment. The store is located in Kiev, but on request, the equipment is delivered to any city in Ukraine. You have the opportunity to buy not only the best models of medical equipment and equipment, as well as furniture, tools and other items for treatment.

The sale of medical equipment and medical equipment is something that Medica has been successfully doing for many years. Medicine Store Medicine is located in Kiev and offers a wide range for all its customers.
Buy appliances and equipment in Kiev

How to purchase equipment through an online store, and what are the advantages of such a purchase:

- What do you need to buy? The online store will save you time and money. Having looked through the catalog, you immediately understand what the company represents. The savings consist in the fact that the store does not need to pay for the sales area. The company has its own warehouse in order to quickly deliver the medical product in the right amount, if necessary.

- How to use the site? Medica offers convenient navigation, sections by topic, to shorten your searches.

- What is the advantage of buying a Medic? You can not only make a purchase anywhere in the country, but also get discounts for ordered medical products and equipment: each order involves a discount system and bonus programs. In addition, you will always be consulted on the issues of interest.

Why else should I buy a medical technician in the Medic?

The Medic's shop will help you deal with the issues, will give an opportunity to purchase and equip your institution, clinic, personal cabinet. We have the best prices and the worthy quality of medical equipment. Each technique passes the tests and is monitored at any stage of production. In addition, the range of products in the catalog of our store will please customers and partners.

Cost of medical equipment and medical equipment

In Ukraine, the sale of medical equipment is a relatively young service. Development takes place through online stores. Acquisition of the equipment online allows the client to study the products in advance and consult with professional consultants. Many are concerned about such issues as:

- The producer's country and the presence of its own plant;

- Technical properties: maximum power, period of use, efficiency, etc;

- Equipment design, working functions and capabilities;

- Professional opinion of doctors and reviews;

- The price of machinery and delivery conditions in any region.

We offer an extensive catalog of all necessary medical products for laboratories, institutions and medical institutions. We sell medical equipment, equipment, furniture, tools, ambulances, equipment, etc.

The Internet shop of medical equipment is located in Kiev (Ukraine) and offers customers products for different fields of medicine: ultraviolet cameras, irradiators. You can order equipment for physiotherapy, surgery, etc. Delivery is carried out in the city of Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

We cooperate with large organizations and individuals. The prompt delivery of the Medica company allows you to shift the worries about equipment to us, and is carried out on time.
Medical equipment Kiev

Without the diagnosis, treatment is impossible, because diagnostic medical equipment is so important in medicine. Today's level of medical technology makes it possible to evaluate any biological and chemical processes. Equipment for diagnostics is an indispensable element for every medical institution. For medical staff it is important to understand the main functions of a particular equipment in order to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. The main parameters in the choice of technology: measuring range, accuracy and sensitivity, stable operation and simple application, convenience and safety for patients.

The Medica online store is convenient for the user: there is a detailed description of medical equipment, all medical instruments, furniture items, and all this can be bought at any time. Also you can additionally purchase covers and bags for equipment, so that it is comfortable to carry or transport medical equipment. Online store Kiev also supplies mattresses, rollers, tools for first aid, and everything is in stock.
Selection of medical equipment

Quality medical equipment is needed for patients and staff. All these devices allow to carry out diagnostics and procedure without pain, effectively. In addition, analyzes and data using techniques are accurate, which is important.

In the patient's presentation, important criteria for qualitative treatment should be:

- Service at the highest level;

- Modern medical service;

- Comfortable therapy;

- Accuracy of diagnostic studies and effective treatment;

- Security.

All these criteria fall under the requirements of medical equipment, which is purchased for medical laboratories, medical institutions, sanatoria, etc.